Thursday, January 27, 2011


Buried treasure disinterred from the hoary wastes of Seattle, Washington, INFESTER was a short-lived project featuring several future members of The Meat Shits. To The Depths, In Degradation was their only full-length album, and is truly a rare and remarkably tasty find for friends of evil, guttural, cult DM. Similar in spirit to "outsider" grind like Impetigo or Embalmer, Infester mix heaping portions of doom, barfy vocals, sputtering stop-go blastbeats, and even the odd organ riff into their heady cauldron of deathly suffering, creating a swirling maelstrom of all things chunky, sticky, and gross. This is not for fans of clean production, gravity blasts, sweep-picked arpeggios, or clean-vocal breakdowns. This is pure evil, and it is delicious.

Did I mention that I discovered Infester via a little website called Last.FM? Because I did, and through the suggestion of several friends of the blog, I've finally created an IllCon Last.FM account. Come visit us HERE!

Download HERE

The guy on the left is my hero.



Anonymous said...

In before perceived racism butthurt.

Grk! said...

Piss off, Anna Nimmoti. The wog-hating on this album isn't merely "perceived" - there's loads of lyrics on it about mangulating brown people for being brown people. "Yeah, but you can't hear the lyrics" - ah, shurrup!

At least one of them made up for it by being Krohm & being in Evoken.

Anonymous said...

btw, about the Embalmer post, "there was blood" is just a compilation of the "there was blood" ep and a previous demo. "blood sucking freaks" is probably the best death/grind song.

Anonymous said...

Actually Grk, I've read through all the lyrics and there is only one line that blatantly talks about killing a black person. One other line implies it (and that probably is what it actually means). I really don't care though, we're listening to a genre that is supposed to have an "anything goes" additude and we still have faggots bitching about offensive shit. I don't give a shit. The music's good, so I'll listen to it.