Friday, January 14, 2011


Abscess really shouldn't need any introduction. I mean, I posted their 2004 album Damned And Mummified back here already, and, y'know, come on... It's Chris Reifert (right) and the dudes from AUTOPSY. No further "sales assistance" needed.

I guess now that Autopsy is back together, Abscess is done for. Which is sort of a bummer. Because viewed as entirely separate entities, the two bands have very distinct sounds and aesthetics--Abscess is a much punkier, nastier incarnation than their better known sister act, with a slightly less doom-informed crawl and a bigger hang-up on sickness, garbage, and disease. Abscess albums certainly stand alone as their "own thing" and deserve to be appreciated as such. They might be hard to "define", per se, but these dudes have created some top-notch product in their day. What are they? "Trashcore"? "Sludgepunk"? Who knows? But I do know one thing: they melt fucking face. HARD. And they make me proud to be a resident of the scenic, healthy California Bay Area of these United States.

Yep, Bay Area Metal is pretty awesome. Man, it would be pretty cool if someone made some sort of "Big Announcement" regarding Bay Area Metal soon. Yep, it sure would.

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PS What the fuck is up with all the bands on IC party-fouling and wearing their OWN T-shirts lately? (see also: Metalucifer, Artillery, Excruciate.)



SEANFORD said...

If you make a big announcement I plan to counter with a larger announcement about your supposed announcement.

Shelby Cobras said...

I welcome it. Just be prepared to absorb the blow of my planned counter-counter-announcement.

Manslaughter said...

Is your big announcement that you've developed a new breed of metal for kitty loving, real housewives watching, no stereo having, second hang high getting FAGS????

Reginald said...

That already exists: Kvelertak.

Anonymous said...

I'm stoked Autopsy is back, but damn, Abscess was fucking great.