Saturday, January 1, 2011


90's Death Metal Week, Parts 5 & 6

Now that you're awake--and most likely hungover as shit--what better way to ring in the new year than with a horrific onslaught of raw, Satanic OSDM? Really. You deserve it.
Sounding like the bastard child of Nunslaughter and Immolation, Sadistic Intent have terrorized the earholes of audiences in their native Southern California for upwards of 23 years, releasing an unsteady stream of demos, singles, and EP's (but curiously, never a full-length). Taking cues from the likes of Devil-worshipping forefathers like Celtic Frost, Slayer, and Possessed, Sadistic Intent's particular brand of blackthrash-informed DM should be a perfect sponge to soak up last night's booze, leaving you healthy, satisfied, and full of morbid, shrieking RAGE.

Happy 2011, everyone.


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Anonymous said...

hail the satan!

Anonymous said...

you can buy a CD containing both releases from Iron Pegasus Records out of Germany (home of Metalucifer n Sabbat n Hail of Bullets first release), some US distros have the CD from time to time. I like this band a lot and was fucking pissed when they played half a set in the fucking middle of The Chasm's set at the Maryland Death Fest. Luckily no one at the MDF really likes death metal so no one but me was pissed, I know because I was the only one singing along as these things usually go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the DM flashbacks.
Love SI, and their Dark Realms store also. Hey, do any of you have anything by a band from the same area called "Coffin Texts"?
Saw them on the same bill with SI once, and the Coffin Text guys KILLED!

Shelby Cobras said...

Anon 1: Iron Pegasus is currently sold out of the re-release, unfortunately. I couldn't find it for sale anywhere online. Thanks for the heads-up, though.

Anon 2: Coffin Texts comin' at you later this week.

Anonymous said...

Coffin Texts is cool.