Friday, January 7, 2011


I'm sure you've seen This Guy around Illogical Contraption a couple times before. Most recently This Guy showed up endorsing the cover of Six Feet Under's Graveyard Classics III (right), but he's popped up here and there in the past, and I felt it was time for This Guy to get his own post.

Long story short, This Guy can make anything better. This Guy can turn "bad" to "good" and "good" to "legendary". This Guy rules. A dozen examples of This Guy Magic are shown below:

See what I mean?

Feel free to post your own This Guy pictures in the comments section.

PS Bad Photoshop must run in the family. Check out this Johnny Weir-Cobras my sister sent me yesterday:



Korla said...

Is that picture of the pope real?! I've seen many examples of his evil face, but this tops everything. Could you please tell me where to find it? btw: thanks for all your inspiring posts in 2010! will stay tuned the coming year, too.

Shelby Cobras said...

Invaluable resource:

Thanks for your kind words. We'll keep writing as long as you keep reading.

Korla said...

Oh, i will! And thanks for the link. I pity those, who try to look more evil then this mean old man.

JGD said...

so, uh...what happend to the weightlifter dude?

Shelby Cobras said...

Fuck if I know. Who am I, Marv Albert?

JGD said...

go do some research and just email it to me, ok?

Anonymous said...

Picture #10, of the pregnant woman and the gun-wielding husband:

This woman is deaf. She was beaten by her parents as a child because they thought she wasn’t listening to them. She was “rescued” by this man who took her in at a young (adult) age and later began abusing her.

This is the only maternity photo he ever allowed her to have taken. The beautiful little girl inside her in this picture later came to her mother 4 years later saying that her daddy hit her in the vagina with a hammer. She drew photos of that “hammer” in therapy. I’ve seen the photocopies of the photo and the counselor’s report myself. The State won’t listen because this man seems to be too influential in his community for the laws to apply to him. He had his son circumcised against his wishes at 4 years old just to spite his ex-wife who couldn’t stop him after the divorce. This was only one of her punishments for leaving him and making him feel like he couldn’t control her anymore.

She was raped and beaten often in this relationship, and during the last time he raped her, he broke her back. She can no longer have children due to the injury sustained, and yet he managed to get custody of both kids. He’s also an “expert witness” in the court system, which somewhat inherently means that he knows a few people with judicial and political sway.

Despite her disabilities, adversities, and attempts to see her kids with any kind of regularity, she has completed a bachelor’s degree and is now finishing a Ph.D. program so that the courts might hopefully respect her enough to let her take care of her kids. She is THE best mother I have ever known, and she is the strongest person I know. And her ex-husband posting this just to haunt her is just one more way he’s tried to control her from afar.

Anyone reposting this photo, particularly to laugh about it or ignore the facts behind it, is simply doing his bidding for him.