Monday, January 31, 2011

Murderess- S/T (2009)

I’ve had one verse from a shitty 4 non blonde song stuck in my head for the past week. I live in a hell of my own design. Actively engaged in a personal sonic lobotomy has been my only reprieve from shitty femme folk rock of the 90’s that creeps its way into my subconscious like an unwelcome houseguest. Strong music is my antidote to such infestations. Death to all clear channel mediocrity. On a quest for aural glory, the battle continues.

In response to Cobra's recent disclosure of Dana Duffy lust while extolling the virtues of dirthead metal, smoking cheap weed and pursuing back issues of Fangoria with the band Mythic, I feel its necessary to illustrate that a similar dream is alive and thrives in North Portland. Enter Murderess.

Through assailing sonic chaos, they clearly have got a hard on for Swedish d-beat. While citing Bathory and Anti-Cimex influence in true homage to the sounds that abound, Murderess campaign with tight execution and drive conquering your sympathetic nervous system. Fight or flight!

Perhaps last summer’s pressing of their green and black vinyl LP entitled “The Last Thing You’ll Ever See” will save me from myself until some other shitty pop detritus flotsam oozes out from the woodwork. Until then I'll remain forever committed to resist pop radio warble provoking my equilibrium and prompting me to take matters into my own hands. They tour California in March. Go face the execution and be destroyed …

w/ Age of Collapse at the M Sat, Feb 19, Seattle WA

w/ Countdown to Armageddon at the Elbo Room Sat, Mar 19 San Francisco, CA

w/ Buried at Birth at Johnny V's Thu, Mar 24 San Jose, CA

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Buy the new album: Here and Here

Listen to the older album: Here

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