Monday, January 3, 2011


Danish thrashbangers Artillery came from the same school of technical-yet-catchy speed metal that American contemporaries like Anthrax and Megadeth did, subscribing to the same basic credo as well: LIVE FAST, PLAY FAST, PARTY HARD, AND SLAY POSERS. And while Artillery's vocalist might not have had the same range or balls-clutching power as Belladonna's piercing wail, nor their guitarist the angular crunch of Mustaine's riffage, this band nonetheless had chops to spare, sporting some of the sickest riffs this side of Coroner.

Artillery are still together, and can trace their roots as far back as 1982. They've released a string of super-solid releases over the last three decades, out of which I find By Inheritance to be the most sonically pleasing. They were also responsible for the heinous eye-rape that was the front cover of 1987's Terror Squad (right), but due to the sheer party-ready exuberance of their crippling technothrash, I feel compelled to forgive them. I urge you to do the same.

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That's the second guy wearing his OWN band's shirt in a band photo we've seen this week. WTF guys?



Helm said...

I like By Inheritance a lot. Not first-rate stuff, but well worth experiencing a few times.

Anonymous said...

joyful exuberance. you are the bro of bros.