Monday, January 10, 2011

Beretta 70: Roaring Themes from Thrilling Italian Police Films (1971-1980)

I’m a huge fan of Italian soundtrack music. Especially from the 70’s and especially from thrilling police films. This collection is an excellent introduction to the genre for someone who isn’t intimately acquainted with Guido & Maurizio De Angelis, Franco Micalizzi, Paolo Vasile and many others. Each of the following examples takes a minute to heat up but it’s a fantastic way to kill ten minutes while you wait for the record to download.


This compilation is an excellent sample of the diversity showcased in this genre. From psychedelic guitars to early synthesizers, delicate string sections to clamorous horn arrangements and even some peppering of ESL vocals reminiscent of top shelf Golden Earring. I’d make this collection myself if it didn’t already exist. Instead, I’m going to spend my time watching these movies.


Anonymous said...

Holy damn yes! this is sick and I am high!

Angry Black Metal Elitist said...

Hell yeah man, Im an asshole black metal fan, but I totally love the Italian funk/beat/groove! Gots lots of shit on vinyl! Franco Micalizzi"s scores to The Visitor and Beyond the Door fucking rule!

Manslaughter said...

Swweeeeet. I totally needed some new music I can play while working. And drinking, of course.

mikey bloodbath said...

this is so fuckin sweet! many thanks seanford!