Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yes, I've been hinting at some "Big News" for the last week, haven't I? Must've been sort of annoying. I apologize.
Well, I've made you guys wait long enough. Without further ado, allow me to present the object of all the mystery (drumroll please)...

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the IllCon-sponsored


2 days. 14 bands. 7 face-melting black metal bands on Saturday March 12th, 7 mind-crushing death metal bands on Sunday March 13th. Epic amounts of chaos and brutality. Bros. Beers. Broads. Battle.

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Oakland Metro.org

***Saturday, March 12th, 2011:***

(Excellent psychedelic black metal conjured by the infamous John Gossard, creative force behind WEAKLING and ASUNDER.)

(Satanic evil from Mammoth Lakes, CA. Their new album Raven Gods Amongst Us is a fucking revelation.)

(Newish BM band from NYC, featuring former members of Bay Area bands like 100 Suns and Orb of Confusion.)

(Another excellent band from San Jose, CA. Their 2010 release Sic Transit Gloria Mundi is also highly recommended.)

(Atmospheric BM from Sacramento/Red Bluff, CA. Their brand-new album Algedonic Awakening has been on heavy rotation around ICHQ lately...)

(SF-based band, their first album--being released through Flenser Records--is scheduled to be released just a few days before the show.)

(A one-man black metal band from SF, but get this--NOT "STUDIO ONLY". This guy sings, shreds guitar, and plays kick and snare with his feet simultaneously, making him quite possibly the only TRVE "one-man black metal band".)

***Sunday, March 13th, 2011:***

(Deepsend recording artists from Mendocino County, CA. If you are familiar with this band you probably know that they write songs about reptoids, conspiracy theories, and other David Icke-isms. Which rules. If you don't have their new one, Vivid Interpretations of The Void, you need to go get it. Pronto.)

(SF-based tech metal juggernaut that released the amazing Pillars of Perversion in 2007 but has lain mostly dormant since. Word on this street is that a new one is on the way soon...)

(These fuckers put out one of my top 5 records of 2010, Embryonic Anomaly, all by themselves last year. Recently signed to Unique Leader, you can expect BIG things from these sci-fi aliencore wierdos in the near future.)

(Long-running pornogrind band from Portland, Oregon. Touring with Embryonic Devourment and Ontogeny.)

(Sharing members with the aforementioned Chronaexus, Slaughterbox also hail from the Sacramento area. But unlike Chronaexus, they play ripping, blast-laden tech-grind from Hell. Go listen.)

(A very young band from the East Bay. Go check out the one song on their Myspace page and get PUMPED.)

(Yes, the rumors are all true. This is the new psychedelic blackened noisegrind project involving of 2/3rds of Cretaceous and Peter from IC. First show ever. History in the making.)

OK then. Secret's out.
EVERYONE is required to go to this thing. Please spread the word.


The Thing That Should Not Be said...

Feast are a bit fuckin' tasty, as is that new Ontogeny track up on MySpack. I am seething with jealousy at your a)having a new band and b)getting to play with Embryonic Devourment and Rings Of Saturn. Grrrrrrr.

Manslaughter said...

I'm gonna have to call in sick this weekend.

Shelby Cobras said...

I would real-life unfriend you if you didn't.

Arion said...

Excellent news !

Aylmer said...

wish i could go. when do we get to hear your new band? demo soon?

Jason said...

Fuck yeah! I love Weakling, great album.

I recommend getting plastered at Beer Revolution, which is down the street from The Metro.

Ambassador MAGMA said...

That is fucking awesome. I will spread (the word) for you.

stargraves said...

Meh! I thought you were gonna put cretacous back together!

Cory said...