Tuesday, June 15, 2010


We have visited the French progjockeys known as Art Zoyd twice in the past here on IC -- the first time exploring their third album, 1980's Generation sans futur, and the second time to drop in on their second album, 1979's Musique pour l'odysee. Which leaves one final treasure to share, their first (and arguably their best) album Symphonie pour le jour où brûleront les cités. Released when the band was still known as "Art Zoyd 3" (see below), Symphonie is comprised of five songs - three making up the song cycle that gives the album its title and two from a cycle entitled "Deux Images De La Cité Imbécile". If you are fimiliar with this band's output in the late 70's, you already know what to expect: busy, dynamic, challenging, and often strangely ambient chamber/rock music punctuated by eery chanting and jazzy interludes. Too bad they went all "electro" later in their career, because early Zoyd is some of the most beautiful and well-orchestrated progrock to ever come out of Europe. An excellent debut, and an essential component in the formation of the genre known as Rock In Opposition. Freaky.

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