Monday, June 21, 2010


In honor of Eddie & Co.'s triumphant slaying of Concord, CA's awesomely-named Sleep Train Pavilion last evening (I didn't go), I present today the only known recording from the other Iron Maiden, who also hailed from Merry Olde England and played a much stonier, mellowed-out brand of semi-hard psych. Also going by the names "Bum" (as in "British ass") and "Growth", this Maiden is informally known as "Bolton Iron Maiden", although the issue is further complicated by the existence of YET ANOTHER "Iron Maiden" who appeared in the late 60's and go by "THE Bolton Iron Maiden". Whatever. Not really worth all the confusion.
What we have here is a pretty standard recording for 1969. Not overly heavy or mind-blowing in any way, sometimes sloppy and even a little out of tune, Maiden Voyage went unreleased until 1998, and while it is a mildly interesting listen, psych nerds like this and this will most likely be popping boners over it for the rest of eternity. Posthumous attempts at categorizing Maiden Voyage-Maiden as some sort of pioneering "doom rock" act are common but misguided. Don't kid yourself. This is some straight-up, herb-smoking, hippie groove -- NOT METAL AT ALL. Anyone claiming otherwise is attempting to connect this band, falsely, with their better-known namesake. The similarities run no deeper than the name.

THIS "Iron Maiden"
The OTHER "Bolton Maiden"
Some company that makes shoes that is also apparently called "Iron Maiden"

Download HERE

IRON MAIDEN Iron Maiden (artist's approximation)


Manslaughter said...

My only regret about yesterday was not seeing Dream Theatre.

Shelby Cobras said...

Rest assured you didn't miss anything.

SEANFORD said...

i thought this Iron Maiden was from Germany? I always referred to these guys (when talking with psyche nerd buddies) as the German Maiden (who at least beat Iron Maiden to the name).

Manslaughter said...

This one is def UK. And I totally have a boner. Early doom downer rock? FUUUCKKK YEAH. And totally sarcastic about the Dream Theatre thing.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say how much i love this site! greetings from vienna

Anonymous said...

From Sejero island, Denmark

SEANFORD said...

manslaughter obviously prefers big elf to dream theatre. Obvslaughter.

and i think this site is qer.

Manslaughter said...

You are qer! Obvsford.

mr.Blup said...

hi is it possible to get a re-upload of this? (megaupload is as known, dead in the waters.)