Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Remember when we used to upload music here on IC? Those were good times.
As a reminder of those simpler days, here's an obscure little EP of good, old-fashioned death metal from Sacramento's Kuru. Named after a disease contracted from the consumption of human flesh, Kuru were most active in the early-to-middle part of this decade, and still play to this day (although I haven't seen any Bay Area dates in the last couple of years). In fact, my old band (my "old old" band?) shared the stage with these guys and Impaled back in 2003 or so, and they were quite a formidable grind machine (especially for a three-piece!). According to the band, their influences are "A smoldering pit filled with the expired flesh of metal-core, nu-metal, postcard punk and emo, bands and fans alike! Fuck off you sperm sucking, soul soliciting posers!!!" So there's that.
While In Between Worlds was something of a "mission statement" from the band, 2004 saw the release of Kuru's first full-length, which found them pursuing a more humorous, goregrind-esque aesthetic (see "Sleeping Bag Ass", "Sleeping Bag Ass II: The Poop Sex Sloth", and "Ass Raped By Carnival Midgets"). But I'll stick to the simpler pummeling pleasures of "Beast Hammer" and the four other tracks on this demo, thankyouverymuch. Brutal and busy (if somewhat generic) DM. If you can't hang, you're probably a SPERM-SUCKING, SOUL-SOLICITING POSER.

Download HERE

(The full-length had better cover art)

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