Friday, June 11, 2010

BRUCE HAACK - HAACKULA (Unreleased, 1978)

Last time we checked on Bruce Haack it was right over here, where we discussed his psychedelic 1970 masterpiece The Electric Lucifer. In this same post, I also mentioned Haack's robo-porn album Haackula, which his record label flat-out refused to release upon its production in 1978. Well, here it is.
This is, as they say, "some F'ed up S". Equal parts Kraftwerk, proto-Nintendo, Tim and Eric, and Men's Recovery Project, Haackula was Bruce's giant middle finger to popular music, an odd, stumbling mix of groovy synthesizers and mumbled vocals with very little pretense and even less commercial appeal. Long after its initial recording, Haackula finally saw "official" release a couple years ago, at which point it was slathered with a horrendous, "modern"-looking cover (above right) and marketed to the electro-nerd masses.
Whatevs. While I prefer the artwork from Electric Lucifer and Haack's earlier children's albums (see top and below), the music and concept behind Bakula Haackula is formidable and confusing, the type of thing that must be heard to be believed.
This one is for Manslaughter, who claimed last time around that "Muttering weird asides about blowjobs and paranoia over throbbing, robotic synth music is one of my favorite pastimes." Well here you go, buddy. I'll see you at The Retreat this weekend.

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Manslaughter said...

Hey thanks buddy. I'll be muttering weird asides about blowjobs and shit at dinner, no boubt.

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