Friday, June 18, 2010


By Del Tigre

No introduction is necessary, as there is nothing before you but thang.

1. Red Hot Mama
2. Come In Out Of The Rain
3. Fantasy Is Reality
4. Breakdown
5. Loose Booty
6. Unfinished Instrumental
7. I Call My Baby Pussycat
8. Put Love in Your Life
9. Little Old Country Boy
10. Moonshine Heather
11. Oh Lord, Why Lord/Prayer
12. My Automobile
13. There Is Nothing Before Me But Thang
14. Funky Woman
15. Livin' The Life
16. Silent Boatmen

See also:
Best of The Parliaments, which I've been rocking for days, and what is, by far, my finest hour on Illogical Contraption


Spookywolffe said...

Funk YEAH! Another excellent post! The HDH Parliament stuff was so raw and bad-ass compared to the Casablanca stuff.

Roger Camden said...

also goes by the title, Osmium

good stuff

Erik Del Tigre said...

I should have mentioned: First Thangs is actually Osmium with 6 singles tacked onto the beginning. The original Osmium starts with track 7.

Cory said...


Anonymous said...

Glad I'm not the only person out there into metal and P-funk.... I recommend the "Music for your Mother" Funkadelic compilation, kinda raw like First Thangs/Osmium...

79deadman said...

Impressive music! One of the biggest '70 har Riff on Red Hot Mama. Great Hazel!!

PS: Very Nice blog! Nice work for remembering music of the past.