Tuesday, June 22, 2010


This is Pamela Stonebrooke, "The Intergalactic Diva".
In the early-to-mid 90's, Pamela "went public" with the fact that she had been boning it to reptilian space aliens. She recorded an album (above) dedicated to said encounters, and appeared as a guest on Coast To Coast AM to discuss her adventures in space-humping.
You can listen to her album Experiencer, streaming in its entirety, on Napster. I'm not going to upload it, because it sucks. But you should check out her website. Really you should. Even disinformation.com is down with Pam! Check out a detailed account of her hot lizard-on-jazz singer bone sesh right here: "Alien Lizard Jazz Goddess". Damn.
Pamela Stonebrooke's message is clear: dICKEheads like this guy and this guy are giving shapeshifting reptilian extraterrestrials a bad name. All they want to do is make some sweet love to us, baby. Preferably while listening to some totally rad smooth jazz jams. Lounge lizards indeed.

Below: PINDAR gets his fuck on. BAM BAM BAM!

Pamela Stonebrooke, "Alien":

Did I mention that Ms. Stonebrooke also enjoyed a brief film career? Take, for instance, her supporting role as "Charlene" in 1981's Saturday The 14th:

Now, I've never actually seen this movie, but needless to say, it's the type of film that instantly gives me a huge nonsexual boner. See also: 1988's Saturday The 14th Strikes Back (with Pam reprising her role as Charlene just a couple years before she started hooking up with RILFs). Epic:

You know what else gives me a huge nonsexual boner? FUCKING POWER QUEST!

What were we talking about again?


Anonymous said...

"Ten Seconds" album? Anyone?

Steven said...

Apparently Pamela's website hasn't been updated in a while:
"Between now and 2007 AD, our planet will have a 70 degree pole shift...We will all become telepathic..."