Saturday, July 16, 2011


Today's post is the tale of two Tormentors, one from Germany and one from Hungary.

First up we have the Teutonic Tormentor, best known for being the band that later turned into KREATOR. These dudes loved their spikes and leather, but truth be told, the two demos that they produced in their short run under this moniker (Blitzkrieg in 1983 and The End of The World in 1984) are both pretty close to unlistenable. Blitzkrieg in particular sounds like it was recorded through a ten-foot-thick wall of pure diarrhea, but hey, come on: these guys later became Kreator. FUCKING KREATOR. So cut 'em a break.
Besides, these songs are kind of fun in a pilsner-swilling, pub-thrash sort of way, kind of like that old promo picture of Slayer when they were like 18 and wearing corpsepaint, and Jeff Hanneman is grabbing that chick's boobs or whatever. You know the one.

This Tormentor.

BLITZKRIEG Demo (1983)


END OF THE WORLD Demo (1984)


Next up we have the Hungarian Tormentor, whose greatest claim to fame is that they served as proving ground for one Attila Csihar, right before he went on to unlimited notoriety singing for some other band on some album about Satan. The two demos they recorded before Attila left are not only heaps better than the two demos produced by their German counterpart, but better, actually, than most blackthrash recorded anywhere in the late 80's, especially their 1988 swan song Anno Domini, which really sounds and looks nothing like a "demo" at all. Both of these recordings are "full-length" (9 and 13 songs, respectively), and surprisingly vicious for their time and place.
Also, super lols at the way both of these demos begin by unapologetically plagiarizing the theme from Phantasm. So sweet.

That Tormentor.



ANNO DOMINI Demo (1988)



Mister Booze said...

Also Dissection did a cover of Tormentor's (Hungary) Elizabeth Bathory.

Shelby Cobras said...


Bloke From Dissection said...

"Dis is a sory, about Lissbet Batwhoree"

Nekromantis said...

"Här blad is ouvselves.. Clean ungarian blaaad..."