Saturday, July 30, 2011


More Swedish boner food from the early 90's, who saw that coming?
These guys have a really great early-Incantation-meets-sloppy-Impetigo-style-grindcore vibe going on, not to mention one of the best gratuitous death metal album intros of all time. I can't give Pathological Performances (or just about anything else Necrony did in their all-too-brief career) a higher recommendation, this is truly dirtbag Hessianism at its finest. I mentioned a couple posts ago that Dan Swano played guitar with these dudes live for a bit, it is also notable that the high-profile grind band Nasum began as a Necrony side project. If that doesn't sell you, song titles like "Submassive Necrosis Disgorgement", "Gynopathological Excav-Eater", "Effervescing Discharge of Putrescent Corpulence", and "Acute Pyencephalus And Cerebral Decomposure" surely should.

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