Monday, July 25, 2011


Back in September of last year, I posted Mr. Dan Swano's solo project Karaboudjan, and for any folks who were not familiar with the guy, added this quick explanation:

"You know, the Swedish dude from Bloodbath and Brejn Dedd and Darkcide and Demiurg and Diabolical Masquerade and Edge of Sanity and Godsend and Incision and Infestdead and Katatonia and Maceration and Masticate and Nightingale and Odyssey and Overflash and Pan.Thy.Monium and Ribspreader and Route Nine and Star One and Steel and Total Terror and Unicorn and Sorskogen and Frameshift and Another Life and Stygg Död and Obliterhate?"

To my own extreme embarassment, I totally forgot to add that he played live with Necrony for awhile. My bad, sorry.
Anyways, here's some super early Swano noodlings, before he got all "Opeth" on everyone's ass. Nothing but straight-up Swedeath, no frills or pretensions, with the Boss HM-2 cranked to 10 accross the board. Haterz gonna hate, but I'll take this little slab over Crimson any day. Serious.

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JGD said...

sorry, not ringing any bells.

Aegipan said...

Dan Swano? Dan Swano?? Who again??? Oh, you mean that one Swedish guy with a bazillion side projects?

As far as EOS goes, The Spectral Sorrows is my favorite album of theirs. It's all about The Masque... The Manowar cover is pretty good also. Shit, the whole album is great come to think about it.

Reginald said...

The Spectral Sorrows is a very good release. It had a little bit of fat that could be trimmed, certainly, but the good far, far outweighs the bad. The Masque is a fantastic song.

I've heard some of the songs from this album of the Kur-Nu-Gi-A demo, but I'm not familiar with the album versions. How does Nothing But Death Remains compare to Unorthodox?

abdul alhazred said...

I like Unorthodox a bit better, but that's probably just the Chtulhu thing. They're all good.