Friday, July 22, 2011

OWLnight, OWLright

Hey Ya'll remember that band Owl I posted about a ways back? Well, as I usually do, I invited myself to be a part of that band, and now we are venturing out of our Owl's nest and into the night. Here's a little refresher-the first and original Owl DEMO. Of course, we've been in the studio a whole lot this year and have a 7" and a full OWLbum in the works. Starting off on Sunday it's yours truly dirty thirty. I can now graduate from P.I.T. (Puma in training) to official Puma, I believe. Yay for me.

If you did not catch Lord Dying OR Nether Regions on tour you really, really should.

Then next week we embark on adventures in the Northwest Regions of our great country. Observe:

SAT - JULY 30 - Eli's Mile High Club, Oakland, CA
w/ Ghetto Blaster, Funeral Stain

SUN - JULY 31 - The HQ, Reno, NV
w/ P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S.(pdx), Sptting Image, The Z-28s

MON - AUG 1 - The Alibi, Arcata, CA

TUE - AUG 2 - Camping, Devil's Lake. With whomever dares to spend the night in the woods with Owl.

WED - AUG 3 - The Know Portland, OR
w/ Drunk Dad, Lord Dying (DUDE)

THUR - AUG 4 - Fort Drunkenfall, Seattle, WA

FRI - AUG 5 - Olympia, WA - TBA

SAT AUG 6 - Portland, OR - The Alleyway
w/ The Guild

SUN AUG 7 -Musichead, Medford, OR
w/ Landmine Marathon, Enshadowed Empire

I'm sorry for all the self promotion people, but guilt is the only way I can get you to come.


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Stop screaming at me please.

Anonymous said...

just in the middle of it, good stuff so far, bur the singer needs some some work (or some serious reverb)