Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Garth Tyson played drums for The Dizeazoes for the majority of the bands' existence. What follows is his response to the question: "How much fun was it being in the Dizeazoes?"...

"I've got to admit the most fun wasn't the live shows," says Tyson. "It was mashin' the skins in somebody's basement with Jeff screamin into the mike, pullin his shirt off, dancing, sweating, the great look on his face with his neck veins poppin out. Paul workin his bass line. Larry playin his guitar, clickin his waa-waa on and off, workin his foot: waaaaa... workin his string strecher handle waaaaa... aaaa.... aaaa.... aaaa...! Drinkin beer, hangin out, tryin a new song, fuckin' it up! Laughing, trying it again... louder!!! Faster!!! Fuckin' up again!!! But keepin on playin as we look at each other grinning..... Then fuckin it up again but it sounds great!!!! Sweat pouring out of my head, arms shiny, feet & legs beating, arms pounding, playin through the noise and makin the NOISE! Yeah baby! Great stuff! We did get pretty tight on some numbers, but who cares about that. The neck veins poppin out are what it was about. Waaaaaaa..... Hell! Yeah!"

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