Saturday, July 2, 2011


Aren't you guys glad it's finally uncool to like thrash metal again? Jeez, that took FOREVER.
Anyhow, good thrash transcends trendiness or fashion, and great thrash bands (such as Texas' own Rigor Mortis) never die, "retro" revivals be damned. Bear in mind: this is not the short-lived "Immolation" Rigor Mortis, rather it is the excellent, long-running, riff-driven purveyor of sick and twisted horror-thrash we've all grown to know and love lo these past two-and-a-half decades. A legacy of face-melting shreddification indeed. Everything about this band is fucking great, but the axemanship, man, THE AXEMANSHIP.


Fun Fact: Rigor Mortis' wacky jam "Foaming At The Mouth" appears on the soundtrack to the 1993 Hulk Hogan star vehicle Mr. Nanny, a movie which stands, to this day, as the zenith of all American filmmaking. Observe:

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PS Cobras is on vacation til the middle of next week to celebrate the 235th birthday of this great nation in the only manner that it truly should be celebrated--by discharging firearms and igniting explosives in a remote rural location. Peace out, Turds.

America: FUCK YEAH.


Anonymous said...

Add some Graveyard Rodeo and a showing of 2,000 Maniacs, and YOU GOT YOURSELF A WEEKEND!!!

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JESSICA said...

I LOVE your comment about it´s not cool to like thrash metal.... so inspiring :3 ... but definitely things have changed, it´s annoying to me to see stupid boys and girls using metal as if it were the trending antithesis with which you can play at being different and rebellious, it´s a shame that posers like that are doing the metal just a new global trend