Thursday, July 21, 2011

VOOR - EVIL METAL Demo (1985)

In an alternate reality somewhere, Quebec's VOOR were signed to Combat Records in 1985 instead of Possessed, and their manic, primitive jam "Evil Metal" gave its name to the music genre we all know and love, rather than Possessed's "Death Metal". In that same alternate reality, the clunky ESL lyrics of Voor's "In The Hell" became a rallying cry for Denim Warriors worldwide, and the mulleted, thin-mustached legions of Evil Metal took to the streets in a shared bloodlust for the False.

Alas, this is not the reality that we live in. Voor disappeared quickly and without fanfare shortly after the release of the ten-minute Evil Metal demo, but the atonal scribbling solos, galloping drums, and grunting, Tom G. Warrior vocals contained therein cause one to wonder....

What if?

Download HERE
Purchase re-issue via Nuclear War Now! HERE

Voor = my BFFs



abdul alhazred said...

Ooh, this sounds good. Ought to sit nicely between that new Von Goat and good ol' Vulcano. I'm about ready for The Hell.

Clint B said...

This shit rules. My roomate got the die hard crazy box set re-issue thing and i listended to it a bunch. Fuck yeah.

ryan said...

Such a killer demo! Totally savage. I love this band!!!

Alex_P said...

You had me at "ESL lyrics". J'adore l'accent français que les gens ont au Québec. C'est drôle quand c'est dans le métal et c'est sexy quand ça appartient à une fille.