Sunday, July 5, 2009


Composed of members of Enslaved, Gorgoroth, and Borknagar, Desekrator is a one-off joke/thrash thing apparently put together when its respective members were either super pilled-out, or super drunk, or both. Sounding a bit like a much hazier and stupider Vondur, Desekrator promises great things with the album's title track, although things deteriorate quickly into a chaotic, blasting, fuzzed-out drug party.
This album is really stupid. In a good way.

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PS - "Writer's Team": PATHETIC


Anonymous said...

Stupid in a good way indeed! Cheers Shelby

k-rock said...

Ha hardy har. I've had a Carrie Mae Smitty in D-town visiting me these last few days and didn't read your employee meeting call to arms post until 32 seconds before I called my arms to start transcribing that amazing Tammy Faye Bakker discovery I just shared with you. Love you Shelboroar and love the Illogical Contraption. Long live metal and mucus!