Wednesday, July 15, 2009


This week: Dün - Eros (1981)

Sole release from the French Zeuhl/RIO weirdos known as Dün. Though they claimed that their work was inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune series, it is mainly in their imagery and song titles, as what few lyrics can be found on this album are sung in an invented language. The music here is more "Ren Faire" than "outer space", with prominent flute and violin on almost every song. But don't get me wrong: This album still RIPS. Crazy, million-note fills and Zappadelic riffage can be found throughout, with a subtle undercurrent of late-70's funk and free jazz. Eros is all over the place. Unnerving, complex, and more than a little creepy. Essential for fans of obscure prog and/or Frank Herbert. Crazy.

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