Monday, July 27, 2009


Gauge kicked my ass good the only time I saw them back in '93 or '94 at the old Manila Community Center. Not really my style of music anymore ("post-punk"? "post-hardcore"? "mathcore"? "post-whatevercore"?), but still a damn fine album that I pop in for a little trip down memory lane every once in awhile.
Fronted by a guy named Gub who played bass in Screeching Weasel for a minute, Gauge (who were from Chicago) display a very dinstinct affinity for all things Fugazi (especially vocals-wise) while still retaining a very unique and interesting sound. The riffs are both more solid and more tripped-out than anything the 'Gazi ever did, forming a twisting, stuttering, atonal base on which the melodic vocals are free to shine. These guys were only around for about four years, but managed to release a whole slew of records. Fire Tongue Burning Stomach was their last, but (from what I've heard) their best. Check this sucker out and get in touch with your Inner Art Student. Pussy.

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