Thursday, July 9, 2009

Maudlin of the Well

This is, in my opinion, one of the most under appreciated bands around today. These guys are prog with out the pretension, experimental with out the self indulgence, and most importantly, metal. They fuse together classical, metal, and experimental textures and then play jazz inspired metal. There is no one I can really compare these guys to. Their music is completely unique. Maudlin of the Well formed in the mid 90's and continued playing until 2003.

Heres an example of their virtuosity. 2 songs from the same album...


After disbanding one of the main creative forces behind MotW, Toby Driver (seen on the right), started Kayo Dot which is more or less the same musicians and music with under a different name.

This year Maudlin of the Well got back together and recorded a new, fan funded, album which was released for free on their website here.

Here are the last two albums MotW released before disbanding. Both were released in 2001 and are usually noted as being their strongest outputs.

First is Leaving your Body Map available here.

Second is Bath, available here.

From what I can tell, neither are in print at the moment so if you like it go buy Kayo Dots stuff and keep these guys active


chris said...

really good, thanks

Steven said...

MotW is the Shit. Vocals can get out of control sometimes, but "Gleam in Ranks", "Girl With a Watering Can" and "Birthpains of Astral Projection" are truly beyond.