Thursday, March 19, 2009


Straight-up, balls-out hardcore from notorious Bay Area troublemakers. Three-fourths of the band went on to form Abrupt (who just tore up The Elbo Room on St. Patty's Day - nice job, guys!), while their singer Matt went on to front East Bay shredders Fix My Head. Dogs guitarist Scurvy Sam also plays in Desolation these days, while bassist Wyatt plays in Born/Dead. Mike Klosoff, aka Chuffy McGee, aka Popeye, formerly of The Gods and The Phantom Limbs, also plays drums for the awesome Dino-Death band Cretaceous nowadays (and is also responsible for the rad cover art on the CD). You guys got all that?
Good. Now download the fucking album and prepare to have your ass kicked by a furious maelstrom of drunken piracy. AAARRRRRGGGGHHH!

Little known fact about the Scurvy Dogs: Their song, "Who Shat In The Crisper?" is based on a true story. For reals.

Download HERE

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