Monday, March 2, 2009


At the risk of being called a wuss (or worse yet, an indie-rocker), I bring you the only release from Eureka's own psychedelic rock supergroup, The Great Salvation. Their jams are super-mellow and super-well crafted, the perfect soundtrack for a mid-summer trip to the Trinity River accompanied by a couple twelvers of tasty suds, a handle of Jack, and tons of sweet, sweet bongloads. Everybody in this band is an old-school Bro, and their band geneology incorporates just about any good Humboldt Art-Rock band in the last decade and a half. I realize that this disc is a huge departure from the kind of stuff I usually post, but I fucking LOVE it, and I hope a couple of you douchebags can open your mind and check out some of the best goddamn rock and roll recorded in the 00's.
Unfortunately, The Great Salvation didn't last long, breaking up shortly after the release of this thing. But you can still tune into their unique trip, via heart-wrenching tunes like "Lonely Days", "Sit On The Banks", "Hello Marie", and "Electricity". Go ahead, get in touch with your inner indie-rocker. I won't tell.

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Anonymous said...

hello there shelby cobras, my long haired shredding brother. my name is ryanne. i'm the lead singer in the great salvation. i came across this site by cosmic design and was pleasently surprised to see our band, not only being excepted by the other half, but also endorced.
it takes a great metal heart to tip-toe outside your comfort zone and expose to the masses that you like melodic, psychedelic, and dare i say pop music rock-n-roll. we thank you from the bottom of our pop senseable hearts. just one thing i would like to clear up. the great salvation has never broken up. benny and i work out of the country half the year and when we are home we play limited amounts of shows. like this last year we played a few shows with more to come. we will also be putting out a new album by the end of 2012. so spread the news and i will send you a copy when it's done, and hopefully you will like it even more the second time around. thanks dude....keep shreden