Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I don't think you guys are pumped enough on Sleepytime Gorilla Museum yet. So to hammer the point home, here's some of their videos, along with a couple videos from related projects. Study up on some avant-prog psycho weirdness, then go back and download their first two albums. Dammit.

Music video for "A Hymn To The Morning Star", from Of Natural History, 2004:

SGM's "The Widening Eye", off of 2007's In Glorious Times. Creepy stop-motion animation that puts that "Tool" shit to shame:

Nils and Dan's pre-SGM band Idiot Flesh, live in Long Beach, 1996. Song = "Motherfucker":

Music video for Idiot Flesh's "Idiot Song":

Fan-made video for the song "Catch Me" by lead singer Nils' OTHER other band, Faun Fables, using footage from a 1922 film called Haxan:

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