Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Debut album from the most Southern Rockin' Southern Rock band to ever rock the South. Led by struttin', preenin', gravelly-voiced frontman Jim Dandy Mangrum (whose stage antics were aped and amplified less than a decade later by good ol' Diamond Dave Roth), these guys cranked out some stellar jams, such as the classics "Hot And Nasty" and "Jim Dandy". This is whiskey-shootin', barn-stormin', shotgun-totin', beard-havin', cousin-fuckin', overalls-wearin', beer-chuggin', Confederate-flag-flyin', sheep-shaggin', tractor-drivin', donkey-punchin' ROCK AND ROLL at its best, miles ahead of anything Skynyrd ever did. If you like your bourbon fast and your ladies slow, I highly recommend you check this shit out.

Download HERE

Black Oak Arkansas playing in front of about a BILLION people at California Jam, 1974:


Kamagara said...

Cool, this guys are really cool, pretty messed and waked up but surely are awesome. If you could post more from them would be great. I really like this stuff.

Daniel said...

Their playing my ladies work next week...