Tuesday, March 31, 2009


A classic slab of sludgy grind from early 90's poineers Pungent Stench. Though they tend to get a bit goofy at times, song titles like "Splatterday Night Fever" and "Happy Re-Birth Day" let you know that these Austrian freaks have their hearts in the right place. And the cover art, well... It is what it is.
In addition, the uber-Metal drummer from my old band had a Pungent Stench sticker on his old set (along with a rack of rototoms, NICE!). So their street cred is without question. In my opinion, these guys bridge the gap between sloppy, early Death Metal and modern Goregrind nicely, sort of like the evolutionary link between Impetigo and Blood Duster. Check 'em out.

Download HERE


Jim Colvill said...

thanks for this and also for linking my blog bro. you rule

Shelby Cobras said...

No, Jimbo. YOU.