Saturday, February 11, 2012

Infernäl Mäjesty - None Shall Defy The Fact That I'm Unholier Than Thou

I could have sworn Cobras had done a review of Infernal
Majesty's None Shall Defy a while back but I could not locate it for the life of me. Maybe it's been buried deep within IllCon's catacombs? Maybe it was taken off mysteriously by those mysterious aliens?

Perhaps Bigfoot decided to come in and pummel it completely from record? Maybe it was sequestered by the pesky folks up there in D.C. in a similar manner to what happened at Megaupload? Or maybe Alex Jones is at it again and elves came, worked their magic, and stole it?

Whatever the case, I was originally going to feature Infernal Majesty's second album, Unholier Than Thou, but why not feature both albums?! Saweet! Thanks dude!! (You know you will be thanking me later!)

You know what I like about this band? They did what Slayer could not. They continued producing sick ass tunes. They did not get watered down by the music industry. They didn't grow beyond their music and act like they invented the genre or anything of the sort. And on top of that, they did not become egotistical pussies (talk about undisputed attitude!). Don't get me wrong, I highly respect Slayer's first 5 albums. In fact, I love Slayer! I still consider both Show No Mercy and Reign In Blood as favorites of mine. I even have a soft spot for Seasons... and Divine Intervention was a solid album to boot! However, the Slayer of today is like a decrepit version of the Slayer of yesterday. They simply are trying too hard now and their music has suffered. But I'm not here to talk about Slayer, I'm here to talk about one of Canada's finest!

OK, perhaps a little more on Slayer for a moment... Some consider Infernal Majesty a Slayer rip-off. OK, that's true to a point. Slayer were highly influential. Many bands followed their recipe. In the beginning of Infernal Majesty's career there is an obvious Slayer influence and their tone and approach were parallel to Slayer's at times but they went beyond that by adding an element of (if I dare say) black metal, technical thrash, and later death metal to the mix (rumor had it Corpsegrinder from Cannibal Corpse was doing live vocals for them recently). With that said, Infernal Majesty are therefore not a Slayer rip-off. They continue to shred, they slay, and pummel the listener into oblivion... Something Slayer seemingly has struggled to do on recent albums.

The band itself originated from Canada in 1986, so that should be a testament to how awesome they are. I mean Canada has thus far produced some of the best music, including metal, period. Bands such as Gorguts, Slaughter, Exciter, Sacrifice, Kataklysm, Malicious Intent, Razor, Revenge, and Blasphemy all came out from the boreal forest and tundra that makes up much of our neighbor to the north. Maybe there is something to be said about the cold, windswept climate up there that produces solid, no bullshit music? Who knows.

Anyways, None Shall Defy happens to be in my top-twenty, possibly even top-ten albums of all time. Unholier Than Thou is also a great album that is highly underrated but it does have its' flaws. The track, "Roman Song", is probably their strongest on the album as it shows Infernal Majesty at their best, however there is something about None Shall Defy that simply has not been topped, by both their contemporaries and the band itself.

So rather than me blabbering on for days about how great these releases are, I suggest you check them out for yourself!

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How much more 'metal' can you get?! Jeesh.


Nekromantis said...

For a while I considered None Shall Defy better than any Slayer record. It is really good in what it does but for me I think it lacks the x-factor that gives birth to deeper feelings about it and that is perhaps why the album haven't stayed so much in my playing rotation and I can't really honestly call it something I LOVE anymore for that. On other hand I've become to realise I can't escape the dark clutches of Hell Awaits and in fact it's grip on me just seems to tighten when time passes by.

Aegipan said...

^Perhaps I grew tired with Slayer over the years. I was really disappointed in the last two releases, even with Lombardo back in the fold (the only reason I listened to either). However, Hell Awaits I recently "rediscovered" again and it IS indeed a great album! It is a great snapshot of a band that was going to make profound marks on the scene and world at large... I hear you on None Shall Defy. It does have some flaws also, including the x-factor, but it is still one hell of an album, one that still stands against time and has aged just as well.

Sancho Panza said...

Yeah they played about a few months ago with the new Cannibal Corpse singer. Holy shit, that guy is a deep trog.

RagnarR said...

Thank you lots! This album rules. Had no idea they had a connection to C. Corpse. "Skeletons in the Closet" is where I think Morbid Angel nabbed a lot from.

James Bond said...

" I mean Canada has thus far produced some of the best music, including metal, period." Also some of the worst, Justin Beiber, Celine Dion, Nickelback ... thanks Canada.