Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Perhaps you prefer your 90's DM to be a little doomy. Perhaps you prefer it to be Dutch in origin, with Cookie Monster vocals delivered via a bad ass bitch named Corinne. Well good ol' Acrostichon has you covered on all fronts, with extra-crunchy riffage and mid-paced carnivorous dinosaur/D-beat stomp to boot. IllCon has visited the realm of Acrostichon at least twice in the past, once for their contribution to the excellent Awakening: Females In Extreme Metal compilation and then again for the much-ballyhooed 'Gorgeous Ladies of Metal' post. About damn time for a post of their own, correct?
Not much fault to be found on Engraved In Black--the leads are tasty, the drum work solid and competent, the riffage dynamic, and vocals of utmost brutality. Conversely, it doesn't break much new ground. But then again it doesn't really need to. It's fucking 90's death metal. From Holland.
What were you expecting?

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Orcus said...

Solid album, on my regular rotation.