Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Osanna - L'uomo (1971)

Hey, all. I'm going to take over Prog Blog Wednesday for a while so if you hate bloated 70s rock music or my writing STAY AWAY ON HUMP DAY. Minimal metal will be discussed in these pieces as prog metal is usually shit and brings up images of six string basses and Dream Theatre shirts that I would rather forget existed. There are some kind of cool bands doing the 70s thing now like Danava and Titan, but they also come off as a bit false to me. Fashion haircuts and tight jeans included. I don't know. If I'm wrong please let me know and if there is some great current prog metal I am happy to be schooled.

Today I bring you the first record by beloved Italian prog band Osanna. This thing "rocks" more than it takes you on a magical journey through a Roger Dean painted landscape (this is a good thing). Osanna were awesome. They had a flute player and they wore corpse paint. The riffs are rad and the drumming is intense. Here's a video of them being all black metal-y.

Pretty cool! But yeah they mystical quality of video is kind of ruined by the excavating equipment. lol


peskypesky said...

digging this. it rocks. thank you.

mf76 said...

Thanks man! Cool BLOG!!!