Saturday, February 25, 2012

Desekrator - Metal for Demons (1998)

If you have not heard of Desekrator, then you must! These guys rule! I mean, with an awesome band name like that they are guaranteed to rule, am I not correct?! Desekrator were formed as a side-project in Bergen, Norway in 1996. The group formed mainly for shits-and-giggles apparently, and consisted of none other than Ivar Bjornson and Grutle Kjellson of Enslaved fame, Infernus and Tormentor of Gorgoroth fame, and a few other local Bergen all-star bros. They released a demo and a single but only managed to put out one full length on Hammerheart Records.

So what do they sound like, you ask? I'm not really sure to be honest. This is no fancy metal, not by any means! Ha! I've heard gutter punks off Haight Street in SF produce better tunes than this... OK, well perhaps that is an overstatement. Honestly, they remind me of a black metal version of Cranium in a way, only with a more drunken and less focussed direction, sort of like that one band from that one city... What were they called again??

Hey, there are some similarities! Just sayin'...

Desekrator are listed as "thrash" but they're all over the place really. The closest I can describe them is a combination of Cranium and Gorgoroth, with elements similar to Plaag and Tankard perhaps... Actually, I have no way of describing Desekrator accurately. Perhaps this is due to the fact that I only listen to them when I'm drunk? Hmm...

Anyways, certain tracks are solid and well executed while others are intentionally chaotic if not sloppy (ironically akin to something I vaguely remember recording back when I was 15 years old). With song titles like "Texas Joe", "Take us to the Pub", and "Revenge of the Hellhammer" you can't expect anything more than pure ingenious decadence I suppose.

It's obvious that these guys were doing this for a few laughs. Nothing beyond the seriousness of their more established bands at least. In either case, this is an overlooked album with respect to the Norwegian scene.
It's nice to see some of black metal's elite take a break from their kvlt status and have a little fun. I'm not sure if they had intentions to continue this gig or if this was a one-off thing but if you dig your metal on the less serious-side of things, you're sure to dig this!

The best way to listen to this album is when you find yourself completely hammed and want to piss off your neighbor or roommate. If there was a soundtrack to hell this may very well be it, particularly when your roommate is hammed and cranking it at 2am (try falling asleep to it, it just doesn't work).
Point is, this is a great album to throw on to piss off your lady friend and impress your bros with.

This is metal for drunkards. This is metal for bros.

This is metal for demons.

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Anonymous said...

Hey..Sometimes I waited until 3am! METAL FOR DEMONS IS METAL FROM HELL!!!!!!

gog magog said...

whoa brah...serious salami in the gastank with that one. I did #2!

Toxik Boys said...


I didn't know this blog and its amazing, thanks for all the stuff. By the way, can we exchange links? would be good for me, I'll start to visit this blog frecuently.

Aegipan said...

^You're welcome! I am one of many contributors here but glad to know that you dig the blog bro! I'm willing to exchange links. I see you have your own blog. I'll check it out when I have a little bit more time but I dig it thus far! You have some obscure shit in there! If you're looking for anything in particular, shoot me an email.


Shelby Cobras said...

I posted this album before, but you did a way better job. <<That's what we call a "backhanded compliment".

Aegipan said...

Shit Cobras if I had known you had already posted this, I would have let you kept all the glory! I usually do a check to see if anyone has posted something before but I forgot this time... Considering your post was in 2009, I think it was necessary to revisit this vital piece of Norwegian metal history, no? At least I included more pictures.

Shelby Cobras said...

Of course man. Job well done!