Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I've never quite understood what the term "orthodox black metal" is supposed to mean, but according to my top-secret sources, Sweden's FUNERAL MIST are prime purveyors of such a thing, and if that's the case, then I guess you can consider me a big fan. Apparently, strong religious imagery and atmosphere contribute to the appellation "orthodox", which I guess makes sense considering the weird, rambling sermons and Gregorian chanting buried deep beneath the hyperspeed shredding present here. IllCon favorites such as Ljå and/or Tsjuder come to mind while one is being subjected to the complete aural annihilation that is Funeral Mist, and company like that implies only the highest of compliments. This is some super dense, ferocious, ugly shit, coming to ungently fuck you right square in your ear-pussy. No lube will be offered.

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Aegipan said...

Great album!

Rodrigo said...

Hey there! Your blog is very interesting! How about exchanging links? Greetings from Brazil!

Raze Hell said...

love this album. great post. finally know what orthodox black metal means myself.

Anonymous said...

I believe "Orthodox Black Metal" means, "Not Made By Hipsters". And I am down with that. Nothing worse than a BURZUM sticker on a Volvo in Woodside.