Monday, August 22, 2011


Sup bros?

I know it's been awhile since I've had a minute to post on IC (I've been working 80 hour weeks, assholes, cut me a break), but the time has come to end my silence with the most important news imaginable:

Apocryphon's OFFICIAL MERCHANDISE PAGE is now online.

I know you clowns are just dying to send me your money, so go over there and get yourself a CD or a T-shirt (or both!).

I mean, just look at that thing! A high-quality cotton T-shirt bearing the infamous design created by our very own IC uber-bro Farron Loathing--for only 12 dollars (plus S&H)?!?!?!

Not to mention the lovingly-crafted, hand-numbered, wooden-box-twine-bound-hand-sewn limited edition CDs we're selling (for ONLY $7!!!). Brother Peter designed and built only 100 of these babies, and they're really going fast. Check this shit out:

Now that's quality craftmanship right there.

Go buy our stuff. We'll have even more of it soon.

In other news, we now have an Encyclopaedia Metallum page as well, along with our old Last.FM, Facebook, and Bandcamp (where you can download our debut EP for free or name your price).

PS: Speaking of shameless, incessant self-promotion, DALTON's "comeback" show is at the Elbo Room in SF tonight with Winter Teeth and The Corruptors. Go to that also.


mikeTM said...

i got home from a wedding and bought your crap. it looks like good crap, so thanks in advance.

Aegipan said...

Damn it Cobras! I bought your crap! How many times do I need to be reminded? (just kidding! well, sort of)... Now send me my loot!!!

Seriously, glad you guys got this stuff out! The download was sick as shit! I be spreadin' the word like mayonnaise on a piece of white bread. OK, up here at least (after all, half of E-town eats the shit, right?)

Anonymous said...

If you want to see shirts to people who AREN'T hipsters (and maybe you could care less, I accept that,) you need to make sizes larger than XL. All the shirt companies have changed their sizes to "Emo Wear", so now to get what used to be an "XL" you have to get 2XL or even 3XL to get a nice big baggy shirt. Othern'at, rock on witcha bad sef.

Anonymous said...

see shirts = sell shirts

down by the seashore, etc.

Shelby Cobras said...

OK, then why is it every time I go to a metal show, every band is sold out of T-shirts in every size except XL/XXL?

Aegipan said...

I agree with Cobras on this one. I wear size "S" and it's rather annoying.

Anonymous said...

Sounds pretty good. I like that song about the carnival.