Thursday, August 11, 2011


OK, here's the deal: ol' Uncle Cobras is gonna be busy as a motherfucker for the next week or two, so things are really gonna slow to a crawl here at IllCon. But humongous gears are turning in the IC Universe, and you can all expect some really awesome things to happen in the near future. First off, Apocryphon is opening for the almighty Orb of Confusion (their last show EVER) at Eli's Mile High in Oakland this Sunday, where we will have our first run of Farron Loathing-designed T-shirts (as well as limited edition, wood-box copies of our debut EP) for sale. Which is cool, but then the following Monday (the 22nd), DALTON returns (with Winter Teeth and The Corruptors) at the Elbo Room in SF, after a long, self-imposed period of introspection and martial arts training. Both of these shows are of course sandwiched around a week in which I'll be getting unceasingly ass-raped at my Real Job, not to mention the Huge Thing On The Horizon that I have been instructed not to speak about yet, upon punishment of execution. So hang tight. Things will be back to normal soon.

To tide you over for a bit, I offer the third full-length album from IllCon favorites Angelcorpse, an unrelenting onslaught of black/death malice every bit as ferocious as its predecessors, 1996's Hammer of Gods and 1998's Exterminate. Pure fucking evil and hatred, so brutal and mind-bending that those weird penis-looking things on the cover are immediately and unequivocally forgiven. Super gnar.

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In keeping with the old IllCon trend, please note that dude on the left is rocking his own band's T-shirt.



bloodler said...

hell yeah. now id like to see angelcorpse beat the shit out of the dizeazoes

Anonymous said...

Yeah, great. Now you leave us with that anemic fucktard from Kansas. Thank you for the Angelcorpse though.