Thursday, August 4, 2011


The second Dizeazoes show was even more of a disaster than the first (above is a photo of that show). The Dizeazoes were asked to play at a party in the suburbs of St Louis and were asked to set up in the backyard near a swimming pool, an idea which didn't exactly excite Paul Wheeler.

“I immediately told them that we should not be setting up outside,” says Wheeler, who suggested that the band should set up in the basement.

But the band was forced to set up outside. They had planned on playing several songs, including “Question of Temperature” and “Great Balls of Fire” but never got to them.

“We started playing and got a very good reaction from the party-goers,” says Wheeler. “They were jumping around and seemed pretty excited.”

But almost immediately the band was asked to turn down due to complaints by neighbors.

"After our first song, our host told us their neighbors were complaining, every one played softer and I sang without using a mic," says Jeff Rosen, who attempted to sing that night.

“We had started as quietly as we could imagine playing,” says Wheeler. “After the second song we turned down again and couldn’t even hear each other by then. By the end of the the third song the told us the police were coming and that we had to stop playing. I remember that Lance Tyson, who I had given my camera to, had only taken one picture. He explained that he thought he would have a lot more time to take pictures!”

The Dizeazoes wouldn't perform live again. By 1976 the band would dissolve.

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