Friday, August 12, 2011


Brainoil are finally back with a new album (after an eight year recording hiatus), and it's easily my favourite album of 2011 so far. Since getting Death Of This Dry Season it's been on an infinite loop around here, only interrupted by the occasional dose of cleansing power violence.

Obviously I'm not posting the new album (you can buy it here), so here's their 2003 self titled for anyone who still hasn't heard it. It's the same lineup as on the new record, and the same destructive mix of addictive sludgy riffs, up-tempo doom and buzzing crusty hardcore. Great stuff and absolutely essential.

If you're new to the band you should also check out their killer split with Cruevo that Shelbro posted waaaay back in January '09.

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bloodler said...

hell yeah, spreading the good news aylmer! fuckin awesome album

savethecirclepit said...

20 buck spin also has the new one posted on their bandcamp for digital purchase/streaming.

Anonymous said...

God it's nice to come here and see something *METAL*.

'Also wanna say thanks for the Krzysztof Penderecki lesson a while back. 'Been listening to some of that stuff, and that has to be some of the creepiest, most haunted music I've ever heard. Even more than the "Carnival of Souls" sound track. Penderecki is \mm/ TOO MUCH METAL FOR ONE HAND!!!

Mike said...

Awesome band right here. Very awesome.