Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Can you tame this Tiger?

Tiger B. Smith - Tiger Rock 1972
I think not!!!

You gotta hand it to the Germans. They invented saurkraut AND knew how to rock. Tiger B. Smith has been categorized as many genres: Kraut, Glam, Psych, Blues, Pop, Prog, 70's Hard Rock (duh), Funk/Groove etc. I just categorize it as LASAGNA. (You know, Brutal Noodles, SHREDded Cheese, with a side of Gnarlic Bread- Thanks Shelbro and Sean for being so fucking witty). Besides being a virtual "lasagna" of epic goodness, lead singer/guitarist Holger Schmidt's white boy fro is AMAZING. He has some serious style going on. The first song on the first Tiger B. Smith album is aptly titled "Tiger Rock" and starts off with a tiger roaring. How cool is that? THEN, after an opening guitar hook, they blast off into a super fuzzed out heavy bass driven/pounding drum/incredibly rad vocal explosion that seriously MOVES you. "To Hell" is my other fave on this album, super stony 9 minute psych. But seriously. The bass fuzz. It jams the clam, man. I had a fuzz pedal custom made just to replicate this sound. But alas, no psych band! Anyone? I digress...

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The next and last album they did was We're the Tiger Bunch. Not nearly good enough to post so I skipped over it, but here's a video just so you can behold the mighty fro.

Next is Second Life. This was pre-Tiger, 1971. Same dudes just changed their name a year later; hey it happens. This album is pretty rare, more prog-heavy with an opening self titled 20 minute opus that goes from acoustic floating parts to some wailing guitar solo and then an impending doom drum solo. I suggest taking a giant rip off the ol' bong before putting this one on. You know, if that's "your thing".

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Roger Camden said...

great record

with these recent early 70s hard rock posts
this blog has gone from great to stellar

Erik Del Tigre said...

Now this is an album I can get behind.

SEANFORD said...

"hey t, hear me out, i was thinking we shoot this one in tiger vision"

great voice on this dude