Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I must thank Illogical Bro BradethQ (read and listen to his Bromantic Interlude HERE, assholes!) for first heaving me into the festering ultra-Satanic vortex of Inquisition. I picked up their hypnotic 1998 album Into The Infernal Regions of the Ancient Cult over at Thulsa Doom awhile back, and it has been in extremely heavy rotation here at ICHQ ever since. Here's what BradethQ sez:

"You know how the aliens talk in the 1996 movie Mars Attacks!? Imagine that voice speaking english over some black metal and you're halfway to Inquisition."

This is 100% true. Inquisition plays some super-fucking-evil, above-par black metal, but their "hook", as it were, lies deeply in the vocal delivery of guitarist Dagon. His nasal, monotone croaking is equal parts narration and singing, and I can't help but picture him thumbing casually through a newspaper in the studio as he recorded this stuff. Totally ridiculous, and probably the sort of thing that would drive away 99% of prospective listeners. Luckily, you are one of the elite 1%, my friend. That's why we're both here.
Inquisition has an all-encompassing obsession with all things Satan/Lucifer/Devil/Baphomet, and it makes for a thoroughly entertaining listen as Dagon solemnly dictates the terms of his endearment. Exceedingly wordy, yes. But I'm a sucker for that sort of shit. Exhibit A: The first two songs on the album are entitled "Embraced By The Unholy Powers Of Death And Destruction" and "Enshrouded By The Cryptic Temples Of The Cult", respectively. If you've been reading this blog for more than ten minutes, you probably already know that details like these give me a rager. Just sayin'.
The story behind the band is an interesting one as well. Inquisition started way back in 1988 as a thrash metal band in Dagon's native land of Colombia, but was reborn in 1996 when he relocated to the Seattle area. That's where he met up with skinsman Incubus (nice name, bro.) and got bitten by the corpsepaint bug. Since then, the band has released four full-length albums: Infernal Regions... in '98, Invoking The Majestic... in '02, Magnificent Glorification of Lucifer in '04, and Nefarious Dismal Orations in '07. Word on the street is that Inquisition has a new one coming out some time this year.
Purchase it at the sweet Lord Satan's behest, puny fool.

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I find this band photo to be rather pleasing.

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Jake Strangiato said...

I actually just saw this band on Friday with Averse Sefira, Area Rising, and Toxodeth (we had to leave before Order of Chaos played) at that was a great show.

Shelby Cobras said...

I was just thinking to myself: I can't imagine this dude pulling off the vocals in a live setting...

Helm said...

I really REALLY like Inquisition and I'm not much for generic black metal (which is to say, I hate it vehemently). Their style is not generic, if anything it captures something only Immortal hinted at during their heyday, but carried to an aesthetic conclusion that is very potent. The vocals aren't the draw for me (though I enjoy them), the magnificent monophonic full-string riffery and highly effective compositions are.

As a historical note, Inquisition's first material was technothrash, like perhaps a more involved Kreator but with a very peculiar compositional aspects, highly recommended although nothing like their black metal period.

Shelby Cobras said...

Hmmmm.... Technothrash, eh? If only I knew someone with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the aforementioned and the ability to include some early Inquisition in some sort of "mix"...

Oh well.

BradethQ said...

Ha, glad you liked it. Track em' all down!