Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aanal Beehemoth - Forest Paranoid

The other day I had some friends in town. One of them had never been to San Francisco before so I decided to show him around a little bit. We went crate diggin and ended up at the uber hip yet still excellent, Aquarius Records.

As I was scanning the shelves I saw this cover...

"In Nekro Satanik STEREO Paranoia Sound"? A black metal logo with the ransom note font? Stony green haze? Needless to say I was intrigued. When I flipped the CD over I saw the band.

They look more like some sort of ICP knockoff than a black metal band. I began to wonder if this was some sort of a joke. I made my way over to the computer to check out a preview of the album. I listened to several clips and was even further baffled. The music is filthy punk with dub production. Sloppy, simplistic, abrasive guitar, with black metal vocals, all drenched in reverb with a healthy dose of delay. Still confused I decided "joke or not, I'm taking this home." After a few listens I still don't really know what to make of it.

After a little research I found that these cartoonish characters are from Finland. They go by Crazy Bömber (or Krazy Aslak depending on where you look) who contributes "exorcism and strings" and Deathly Fightär who takes care of the "deathbeat and strings". Forest Paranoid is their first release, recorded on a four track in an apartment in true black metal fashion. They say that the album was recorded in one day and mostly improvised. It was available for free online and was picked up by Suffering Jesus who gave it an official release. They have only been a band for about three years and have a follow up in the works.

I found this interview via their myspace page. Pure excellence.

Ill leave you with this quote from the most recent blog entry on their myspace page... "Total praise for Satan's control on You. everything is one energy and not existing you dirty cunts. 666 existence. i & i reality control. total HELVEETE!!!!!!!

Download here.
Purchase here for $5!

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Crankenstien said...

i work a block away from there and I feel like they make fake records in the back so that they will seem obscure and cool.In fact i'll be there at 2:30 on thurs if anyone wants to say hello.