Monday, April 19, 2010

BROMANTIC INTERLUDE #10: Crankenstien Takes Us To Cranky Town... In A Limo Made of Guts!

Crankenstien is an angry motherfucker. One visit to his blog Cranky Town will confirm it. Equal parts film criticism, heavy metal lore, 80's nostalgia, and straight-up ranting, it is a place custom-made for those of us disenchanted with the status quo, a haven for the bitter, a Mecca for the damned.
Always creepy and always entertaining, this sick bastard has been lurking in the back alleys and broom closets in and around IC Headquarters for quite awhile now, and I figured if I didn't give him his own Bromantic Interlude soon, well, something "ugly" might happen. So here you go. The man is our Bro Cranky, straight outta Oakland. The theme is "GORE". The place, as always, is IC. GO!

(PS: Extra points for the visual reference to
Zardoz in the custom-made cover art. Bonus!)

- Cobras

This is Crankenstien. The compilation subject I got was Gore, which I thought I’d take some liberties with and be able to include soundtrack tunes and weirdo kinda bullshit. My blog CrankyTown was started as a venting platform, not something to meet the demands of people out there, but apparently people read it. I enjoy complaining and criticizing things that bother me, which is almost everything, even things I like. There’s just so much hate in my brain that I need somewhere to put it so people can read it, it’s a sickness. I discovered IC a few months ago and have been an addict ever since because it has all the things I like in a blog and the razor sharp sarcasm I dig a lot. Thanks for letting me step on board this leaky boat and slave over a computer. It gave me a nice project for today.

Sinister urge/ Faceless – Impetigo
One of the champions of gore grind, which I really wanted to stay away from and make this comp less run of the mill and typical. Any of that stuff is available on this blog already so download it already! Starts off with a Geraldo interview w/Joseph Kallinger. This is their best song in my opinion and has a short sample unlike most of their other tunes, which take up most of the song length with splatter film clips. A genius band I wished I could have been in at 14.

Traitor - Motorhead
This song was on my ipod and I figured it could work. Crows will eat your eyes and you’ll be impaled on a traitor’s gate for selling out your countrymen and possibly beheaded, pretty nasty stuff I’d say. For some reason this song connects to John Mccain admitting he’s not a maverick and selling out whatever is left of his dignity.

New York One more Day - Another Dead Junkie
A CSI version of The Ny Ripper theme song, one of the most overrated Fulci movies. You pick up the phone and a duck man answers with a shrill quack “I’m going to kill everyone in the city!” what would you do?

I was a Teenage Brain Surgeon - Tony the Tiger (or Thurl Ravenscroft)
Oops I just cut into your chest cavity and pulled out you insides and forgot the anesthetic!

Disco Holocaust - Porn Darstellar
Just what this world needed, a techno version of Cannibal Holocaust! Available on Disco Undead.

The Best Parts - Budy Maglione/Fabio Frizzi and Rok Opera
A nice summed up version of Cannibal Ferox with saxophone & unintentionally hilarious overdubbed dialogue, jungle hijinks and dissertations claiming cannibalism isn’t real.

More – Riz Ortolani
From his brilliant live album The Genius of Riz, the title song from “Mondo Cane”. The first effort from The Godfathers of Mondo (or total scumbags, you decide) Franco Jacopetti and Prosperi.

The Trial (Chambre Ardente) - King Diamond
The most theatrical I’ve ever heard the King get. Based on true events from the witch voices to the inquisitors sentencing them to the dungeon to be molested, bloodletted and stuck with glowing pins until you fall into a slow death.

Africa Addio is another Jacopetti/Prosperi Mondo racist, disgusting pleasant nightmare song. Capitalizing on colonialism by reinterpreting it into something uglier than what was already happening.

Last House on Dead End Street
My best friend over at SkunkApe put this track together, as much fun to listen as it is to watch one of the goriest films on the planet and that’s actually library music!

Paura E Liberazioni - Fabio Frizzi
An alternate version of a track from “The City of the living dead” OST, which is coming out in a special edition soon from blueunderground.

Bulemic Saturday - 64 Spiders
A frightening story of a violent and insane girlfriend puking her guts out in graphic detail and threatening to eat your dog and fuck your mother.

Zombie 98
A Miami Vice cocaine fueled version of The Fabio Frizzi classic with more saxophones.

Trance - Tormentor
Basically 'Evil Dead 2: The Song' from this Turkish black metal band.

Seven Door Hotel - Europe
Not too many people realize it, but Europe actually wrote a tribute song to Lucio Fulci and his film The Beyond and it an actual metal song from these poofsters.

The Beyond – Rok Opera
Which cuts off at the end but it’s so great that it’s worth putting up with a medley of The Beyond OST all in one track. This Rok Opera fellow is an unknown genius.

World Domination – Mortician
OK, one obvious gore grind track but only because it has the best sample from the dumbest movie “Cyborg” with garbage grind sound quality as usual for these jokesters.

Bad Taste - The Remnants
An uplifting triumphant number from this splatter classic that hopefully will have a big budget sequel one day.

Picture of Love - Nico Fidenco
From one of the sleazy Laura Gemser Emmanuelle series of films that is the most rockin in my opinion. The lyrics however never make sense or relate to the film subject.

Contamination 2nd Theme - Goblin
This is the music from best fake trailer ever assembled.

Ripped off a dirty video and put online for your enjoyment. Remember Don’t get Contaminated!

Disorganized - Impetigo
I intentionally left out the Beatles of Gore grind Carcass and Repulsion, but instead included this to cheer people up that maybe were pissed about it.



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Good shit Mr. Stien.

Crankenstien said...

thanks for having me and i thought the descriptions were alittle too long and i was right