Saturday, January 24, 2009


Upon closer inspection, this really is the BEST band photo I've ever seen. All four of these guys just have SO MUCH going for them, from Bobby Liebling's rad moustache to the awkward devil-horns in the back to the guy on the right with the half-ass psuedo-corpsepaint. DANG!
If you can find a better (or equally awesome) band photo, send me a link to it in the 'Comment' section and I'll totally post it with your name and a big shout-out.
Good fucking luck, dudes!

The only 2 photos that even come close, Brocas Helm (above) and Brokencyde (below).


Anonymous said...


Erik said...

The best part of the Pentagram pic is the dude at the bottom of the frame sticking his head up like, oh hey what's up guys? Taking a band photo? Cool, I'll just be down here. Hail Satan!

Shelby Cobras said...

link doesn't work. try again.

cory said...

Hi Shelby,

This, in my opinion, is the finest example of an awesome band pic: