Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Welcome to the horrific, dissonant world of France's Deathspell Omega. I'm pretty picky about my Black Metal, but I have to admit that this band blows me away. Innovative both musically and lyrically, these mysterious dudes have put together one Hell of an album here, weaving in and out of blast beats, slow, creepy chord structures, and brief acoustic interludes. Although technically an EP, the 3 songs here (titled, simply I, II, and III) clock in at about 10 minutes each, making this release longer than a lot of full-length albums. Deathspell Omega is a creative, unique band, the kind of band that makes all the silly corpsepaint and spikes prevalent in the genre almost forgivable. Deathspell Omega is the band Nachmystium wishes they were.

Download HERE

Above: Sweet logo drawn by Black Metal logo master Christophe Szpajdel. For an article about him and his art, click here.

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Anonymous said...

SZPAJEDL didn't make this logo.... I make DSO layouts and I know what I say....