Thursday, January 22, 2009


Stuart Gordon's 1985 classic "Re-Animator" is one of my all-time favorite gore flicks, a super-solid piece of sick insanity adapted from a story by one of the greatest writers ever, Mr. Howard Phillips Lovecraft. One of the best parts, though, is the jaunty, creepy score by Richard Band (also responsible for the sweet jams heard in such films as "From Beyond" and "Troll" (see previous post)). The main theme from the first "Re-Animator", in particular, is a real gem, a quirky, minor-key ditty that gets stuck in my head at least once or twice a week.

If you dig horror soundtracks at all, you should really check this (and anything else by Richard Band) out. Oh, and if you've seen "Re-Animator" but NOT "Bride of Re-Animator" you should probably look into that, too. You really won't be disappointed.

Download HERE


Aesop said...

What time y'all playing tonight. I don't want to miss the dino-metal but have some other obligations.

BioCYTE said...

Awesome soundtrack, fantastic site! How did I not find this before? REQUEST! Any chance you can post a copy of Shirley Walker's score to the movie GHOULIES? Been hunting this one down for an eternity! Thanks in advance and keep the great stuff comin'!