Friday, February 5, 2010


I have mixed feelings about doom metal, feelings that I expained in a semi-recent post about extinct Bay Area doomsters Noothgrush. Some of it is good, like the aforementioned Noothgrush or the whale-heavy Ahab -- But for every decent doom band there are a dozen shitty ones, doing nothing but playing standard rock riffs over boring beats at a quarter the speed. Grief is the opposite of these bands.
Grief were from Boston, and were the first "real" doom band I ever heard. They are still my favorite. I (kinda) wrote up their 1994 album Come To Grief here, but in my opinion Miserably Ever After is their finest work. It's a sludgy, hateful, pummeling hour of pure sonic catharsis. Give it to your children.

PS - Did I mention that I fucking LOVE Grief's cover art? Because I do. Alot.

ALOT alot.

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Below: Members of Grief backstage at CBGB

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Anonymous said...

I know we've had plenty a drunk conversation about this...but yeah. All these recent "doom" bands kinda make me fall asleep on my feet. They just don't make it like they used to. Thank god I saw Saint Vitus last weekend and it restored what faith I had lost in slow melodic music. VIVA SAINT VITUS!!!