Saturday, February 20, 2010

The future is now...I mean now. I mean now. I mean now

Whilst writing an email earlier, some nameless operatives hacked my system. I recovered this email from my security sources some hours ago and now have another reason to believe that there is indeed a faction of unscrupulous shadow workers undermining my computer network. My firewall is but a plaything for their technologically savvy skills. I know this to be true.
Some people, however, should not read long discussion board posts about MKULTRA and its current myriad applications in the modern age. Some people should avoid David Icke essays on the reptilian alien race that conspired to mate Ronald Reagan with a busty cheerleader from Albany, New York in effort to produce a super composite of all things the reptilian race desires in a human subject (Reagan with a nice rack?). That some people is me. Its a fact. Some People should listen to good punk, kick back, and take the blue pill. or is it the red? Wait, let's Google it to see what the masses say.....Ahhh that's better.
What they don't want you to hear: Por Libertad!
Capaches "Born to Punk": dl
Eskorbuto "Eskizofrenia" and "Anti-Todo": dl
Eskorbuto video: X


Shelby Cobras said...

"What are the kids listening to these days?"

How the fuck would I know? The question is: What SHOULD the kids be listening to these days?

And the answer is: Spanish punk bands covering the Dead Boys. Good work, Operative Camellia. The truth is out there.

Shelby Cobras said...
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Camellia sinensis said...

My pill popping days are behind me now but that didn't stop me back in the day. I had to go and take the red pill and now the damage is done. Sheeet. I expect more of these truths will be revealed via IC as the future unfolds. Excellent.

Lord Kabballash III said...

My friend, you should take the turquoise pill.

David Icke: sports presenter turned turquoise shell-suit-wearing 'Son of God', turned semi-respected conspiricist.

Of course, any sports presenter who starts hearing voices should be taken very seriously, and not mocked.

Really, it's not nice to make fun of "a direct descendant of God".

No mention of reptiles back at the beginning of his 'career'. Maybe he didn't want people laughing at him.