Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Inspired by many classical composers but mainly by the works of Wendy/Walter Carlos in the early 70's, Isao Tomita adapted many classical pieces into trippy suites for the analog synthesizer, as well as composing original pieces for television and film. On Firebird, he gives the electronic treatment to the works of Stravinsky, Debussy, and Mussorgsky, drenching them in oscillators, farting synth, and delicious Moog-y goodness. If you are a fan of stuff like A Clockwork Orange, outdated science fiction novels, or doing coke in space shuttles, this might be just the album for you.
One more thing: In 1984, Tomita performed a concert in Austria in which he live-mixed tracks suspended over an audience of 80,000 people inside of a glass pyramid.
So there's that, too.

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PS: More about Wendy/Walter in the near future...

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