Monday, December 22, 2008


Sex Machineguns are a fucking awesome speed/power metal band from Japan, thusly named because, as they explain, "machine guns are more radical than pistols". This is their debut release, and also quite possibly their best. It starts off at a doomy, plodding pace, but by the time mainman Anchang screams "SEX.... MACHINEGUUUUUUUNS!!!", you know you're in some seriously DEEP shit. The following riff is one of the best since the breakdown in "Angel of Death", and the relentless pummeling continues unabated for the remainder of this amazing album. Wildly popular in their home country in the late 90's and early 'oughts, Sex Machineguns acquired a "shock rock" label due to their stage antics and elaborate costumes. But their over-the-top shredding and complex arrangements transcend the confines of the genre, and this disc easily stands as a singular musical statement, visual aids be damned. The band has since splintered off into side projects and sub-groups, but this record is a solid classic, documenting a great fucking metal band at the peak of their game, poised to conquer the world and reap the spoils of battle.

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Sex Machineguns: SOOOO much better than this picture would suggest.

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